Buffoon Hoon

big-tomThe twat that was the Minister for Defence, and went off on a jolly when our armed forces were preparing to go into Iraq, Has shown that he is a complete twat that is not in touch with the public.

His latest goof was to tell motorists that have struggled with the Snow and Ice, whilst the country has run out of Grit (on his watch as Transport Minister) to “stop Whingeing” He also said, and I quote:

“‘Why has nobody got snow chains and why are you all whingeing about what the Government hasn’t done?

‘If you live in the Alps you have snow chains in the back of your car. So why have none of you intelligent, capable people got chains?’

Just in case you hadn’t noticed you fucking clown, we don’t live in the Alps, we live in England. Last time I checked we didn’t have an Alpine climate. What the hell are arseholes like this doing running the country? Ohh yes I remember fucking it up!


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