One Eyed Scottish Idiot

big-tomI can see the headlines now….
NuLabour Offended by Scottish Slur, RNIB offended by One Eye Slur, Village Idiots celebrate outing of latest member.

Idiot Gate.

Clarkson Arrested for Official Secrets Breach

Jeremy Clarkson is being slated again for saying something that all of us agree with. Gordon Brown is indeed Scottish, He has in fact, only got one eye. As for being an idiot, I think that is rather understating it, the man is a “Grade A” fucking moron. An un-electable (and un-elected) dictator that should fuck off back to his native Scotland, along with all the other jock wankers that are in positions of power in government. They have their own fucking parliament, go and play at politics there.

Even over at the Daily Mail, the vast majority of the readers that have commented on the story agree that Clarkson is right. Go Jezza.
Click Here for Daily Mail Story

Ohh no, the insult seems to be much more insulting than I first thought.. Some arsehole from the Royal National Institute For Blind People, claimed that calling Gordon Brown a one eyed scottish idiot is slur on blind and partially sighted people. He went on to say that Jeremy Clarkson should come and see some of the work that the blind and visually impaired people do. Fuck me I slag off Scousers, I wouldn’t want to go and see them steal cars, or watch Geordies procreating to get benefits, or Jocks pissed up and starting fights in London shop doorways. Or the less honest Jocks running this fucking country.

I am not sure who are the biggest retards the BBC for even giving the twat airtime, or the twat himself.

How the fuck can calling Gordon the Fucking Moron a One Eyed idiot be the same as saying that every one-eyed person is incompetent? What it quite clearly does show is that lots of arseholes are being paid to head up organisations that obviously nothing better to do than turn up on Sky or BBC and bitch and whinge.

Come on RNIB, come and have a go if you think you’re are hard enough, yeah and your blind army!

Labour leader Iain Gray said: ‘Most people here are proud that the Prime Minister is a Scot and believe him to be the right person to get the UK through this global economic crisis.’

Best put these quotes in context I guess Iain Gray is the Scottish Labour Leader, therefore a biased lying tosser (or politician as we know them.

Former Scottish minister Lord Foulkes called on the BBC to take action.

Hmm another Jock Twat

‘He has insulted Gordon Brown three times over – accusing him of being a liar, having a go at him for having a physical handicap and for his nationality.

Nope No insults there, he lies (that is a fact, he is a politician) He has a handicap, (yes he is scottish) and for his nationality, (a one eyed Scottish Idiot seems fair).

‘It is an absolute outrage of the worst kind. Disabled people will be up in arms about it, Scottish people will be angry – and it should concern all of us that the prime minister has been accused of lying.’

Yeah right like he has never been accused of lying before, what should concern us rather more is that Gordon Brown is an un-elected One Eyed Jock Idiot. Like We give a fuck that Jocks are angry, they are always angry, how many times have you been threatened by an alcoholic Jock in London, and I am including Alastiar Darling, Jack Straw and John Reid in that. Disabled people up in arms? Surely those disabled people without arms will feel left out and maybe calling disabled people to an armed rebellion is a little over the top.

Enough for now, before I bust a blood vessel.

UPDATE: Well done Jeremy for the apology “A contrite Clarkson said: ‘In the heat of the moment I made a remark about the Prime Minister’s personal appearance for which, upon reflection, I apologise.’

No apology for being an idiot then.


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