Hmmm, One job in the diary…

max-clifford-023After freezing my nads off yesterday. Today was different, having nursed a little hangover and some aching legs from several snow ball fights in the club last night, I eventually surfaced to see what jobs were in the offing. A trip into London, for a shoot of Max Clifford giving a magazine interview.

One of the things that I did notice yesterday in all the snow was that there was an awful lot more laughter and general good humour around the place. I am not going to cite the old Blitz Spirit, good humour in adversity etc, because it was after all, only a bit of snow.

However one of the things that really pissed me off on the radio was the number of idiots whinging, about how the country comes to a stop, and comparing us to Sweden and Norway, where it doesn’t grind to a stop. Get fucking real, we get Snow like this once every 30 years, they’d all be complaining if the councils spend hundreds of millions on the latest Snow Plows and Gritting Machines and their council tax bills went up.

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