Today, I have mostly been Cold

snow-guildford-ppuk006Sheeit, can’t remember snow like this in my life time, certainly not in Surrey anyways. More words and pictures later, drivel fans.

As promised more bullshit later, and here we are. After leaving home at 0700 this morning and taking something like twenty minutes to scrape the 10+ inches of snow off the car, I eventually made it out of my street. Original intention was to dive down to Winchester for some seasonal pics, however, with the local radio station reporting wide-scale road closures, I looked for something a little closer to home.

Well even local travel at that time was awkward, thank god, oopps no, thank me for buying a 4×4, and to all the twats that give me dirty looks, in the summer, you can now say thank you for towing your economical pile of jap crap out of the ditch.
_pb10335So anyway a few images for your delectation, if you want to see more there is a link further down to my main website.


Enjoy More Snow Pics here


4 thoughts on “Today, I have mostly been Cold

  1. I finished a shoot on Sunday night at 10:00 PM in Croydon, it took me 2.5 hours to get back to the M25 because of the southern softies in their eco cars bouncing them from curb to curb and generally not knowing how to drive in snow (mind you…. they don’t know how to drive the rest of the time either)

    The trip round the M25 back to the M40 was fun… looking at all the nice expensive cars abandoned everywhere and the Asda lorry jack-knifing in slow motion on the anti-clockwise carriage way. Best laugh was the old fart in the shiny new Jag trying to keep up with me and seeing him fish tail right into the armco as he tried to overtake, bending every corner of it as he repeatedly hit the barrier.

    As you say Boss, two fingers to everyone that thinks I am single handily distroying the planet because I drive a Land Rover.

    Finally got home to Manchester at 5 AM. M40 was quiet though!

  2. Certainly is the weather for a 4×4, however I don’t own one. Luckily my 24×24 (train) was working well!

    Though disappointed that my usual snow spectator event didn’t happen: Watching 3 series BMW drivers not climb slight gradients/losing it on slight bends/losing it cos the drivers a twat.

    Fortunately my Passat beast managed to survived the local conditions back from the station. Slight rant today, all the schools were closed today. No doubt because of health and safety, not because the teachers can’t be bothered to get up half an hour early to get to work (unlike the real world).

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