Evening Standard Film Awards

mike-lee-ppukTook a bit of a punt (after a tip off) on the Evening Standard Film Awards, but because of the Chinese New Year Celebrations, the weather and the fact it is one of the less prestigious awards there were very few celebs in attendance. In fact I only spotted two, Director Mike Lee and Tyla Swinton, worse than that I only got one picture D’Oh.

Journey Home was eventful. A video Link will appear here soon. Click Here It’s not very long, or interesting but I was trying out the time lapse function on the point and shoot. If that doesn’t work try this link Click Here


2 thoughts on “Evening Standard Film Awards

  1. That Jag driver had a problem, but I liked the way you burnt off the No. 93 bus. Worryingly didn’t you speed up just as the speed camera came into view on the left at about 1:14…. What kind of point and shoot do you have? Looking for one with a really quick start up time and miniscule shutter delay. I tried a similar experiment in the summer on a little pentax, not time lapse just speeded it up later (makes my driving look even worse), sound was shite as it rattled around jammed in next to the screen but amusing incident with pissed girls on pelican crossing.

  2. It is an Ixus 80IS, starts quickly and is pretty good, the only porblem I have with it is if you switch the flash from “auto” to “off” the next time you switch the camera on you have to remember to turn it off again. I just wish that it would remember the last used settings.

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