Airheads, Bints and Chavs

According to the Sun Newspaper, Katie Price or Jordon or whatever the bint is calling herself this week, has said that rapists should be subjected to rape. She also said that drink drivers should be banned for life.

However one question that the Sun Reporter failed to ask was “How should speeding motorists be dealt with?” I would imagine that she would be equally as forthright with her “eye for an eye” punishments. Until reminded that she has been allowed to get away with speeding “on a technicality”. Now unless the technicality was that she wasn’t speeding which I doubt, it means that she is a law breaker, but through luck escaped prosecution.

Anyway, talking of chavy air-heads a 19 year retarded bint has named her new baby after the lyrics in a song, probably not that bad you are thinking, until you realise that the vacuous tart is a fan of N-Dubz and the lyric that she chose for her daughter’s name is ………………………………

wait for it…….

“My Names Shaniqua and what?’ Miller”

Yep, this retarded bint has called her baby “My Names Shaniqua and what?’

Lindsay Miller, 19 named her daughter, born 15 January, directly from a line of the recent single ‘Ouch!’ by the rap group ‘N-Dubz’.

“I wanted to give her something really unusual and distinctive as a name. Me and my mate were thinking up names when we were listening to the radio and when the song came on, she suggested I call her Shaniqua. Then I thought why not call her after the whole line?”

Lindsay admits the undoubtedly unique name has already led to a few problems. “The midwife thought I was being well rude when she asked me what I was going to call her and my Mum ain’t happy about it neither” However she says she is going to stick with her decision as “You can go on and off different names but I will always love N-Dubz”.

A spokesperson for the band told us “We have some mad-crazy fans but we’ve never got this much love, the band are well hyped about it”

Now call me a radical, but this has to end, these chavs are breeding yet more chavs, what hope has the poor daughter got with a name like that? She will skive off school because the other kids with sensible names like “Jaydon” “destiny” and “rochelle” take the piss out of her. End up being a single mum, on handouts by the time she is 12 years old.

The Solution? I do have one, or two.
First put something in cans of Strongbow, Special Brew, McCewans, White Lightning etc that will sterilise the drinkers for ever. Just think how many teenage pregnancies will be stopped, overnight, also the money saved by not housing 16 year old bints that got knocked up, could be used for something productive.

The other solution is a little more radical, put a sterilising agent into the UKs water supply. Something that can be reversed by a GP for a fee of, I don’t know £1000, in an instant, no more unplanned, unwanted babies, the Chavs can fuck themselves senseless, but they will get nothing out of the government except the Job Seekers Allowance, no free housing, no child allowance, just regular appointments at the STD clinic. I am not suggesting that the GP make any decision or moral judgments about fitness for being parents, if they can afford to pay, they should be able to afford to have kids.


MPs get over yourselves

big-tomI am getting pissed of with fucking MPs. Firstly Damian Green’s indignation that the police should want to search his office in relation to a criminal investigation, now Daniel Kawczynski MP is pissed of because the rozzers searched his office.

Look you retards you are not above the law, just because you are an MP doesn’t mean that a criminal offence hasn’t taken place, and that evidence is not in your office (even if you haven’t commited the offence).

Mind you judging by the fact that Gordon Brown had to climb down over wanting the Freedom of Information act not to apply to MPs over expenses, implies that most of the oxygen wasters in the House of Commons, are lying, cheating, thieving, scheming fuctards (and worse, scottish) that deserve the rozzers to visit you at home and prod you in very private places with truncheons. Trouble is that they will probably enjoy it more than they should. Deluded retards the lot of them

Today I have been…

leonard-veenendaal-ppuk002mostly sitting on a doorstep 150 miles from home. An early start (about 0530hrs) followed by a two and a half hour drive. Parked up out side the targets house, whilst the reporter did a door knock. The target’s wife answered and there was no way that the target was going to speak to a reporter.

A couple of hours later a friend of the target did a reccy of the street looking for the reporter and a photographer, fortunately I slipped under the radar, when the target left the house about another hour later, the friend of the target went to distract the reporter, the wife came out and started the car, two minutes later the target legged it from a side entrance and jumped in the passenger seat. Job Jobbed and the target didn’t know he’d been done.
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Bit Bloody Chilly

From Paul Burgman/  8th January 2009.  Mike Tindall leaves court after being banned from Driving for Three Years for Driving with Excess Alcohol, at Reading Magistrates Court.  Paul Burgman 075 88 66 9580

From Paul Burgman/ 8th January 2009. Mike Tindall leaves court after being banned from Driving for Three Years for Driving with Excess Alcohol, at Reading Magistrates Court. Paul Burgman 075 88 66 9580

It was a bit chilly today, not freezing, but cold enough for a long sleeve polo shirt underneath the fleece. The job today was Mike Tindall (Zara Phillips’ long term Rugby playing boyfriend) was at Reading Magistrates Court today.

Having managed to drag out the court case for something like 8 months, he was finally found Guilty of Drink Driving and banned from Driving for Three Years.

According to the Guardian Newspaper

The Gloucester and England centre admitted being over the legal limit when police he was pulled over in his Range Rover by police on the M4 near Newbury, Berkshire, on 13 March last year, the morning after a day at the races. He was found to have 91mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, 11mg over the legal limit.

The 30-year-old, of Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, was also ordered to pay a £500 fine and £75 costs when he appeared before Reading magistrates’ court.

Tindall, the boyfriend of the Princess Royal’s daughter Zara Phillips, was stopped as he was driving to Twickenham to watch a Six Nations match between England and Ireland.

He was out of the England side at the time because of a liver injury suffered playing against Wales in February, and was due to do a television commentary on the game.

Israelli Embassy Protest

From Paul Burgman/  Demonstrators in Kensington High Street near the Israelli Embassy.

From Paul Burgman/ Demonstrators in Kensington High Street near the Israelli Embassy.

What Burgy doing news, and not celebrity shite? Actually not that uncommon recently most of the stuff that I have been doing is vaguely news orientated. Which is a damned sight more fun than endless celebrity doorsteps without any story. So today I ended up in London amongst the Parking Nazis to photograph the protest, I was originally planning on doing the march as well, but unfortunately I had something come up, so didn’t bother with the march, which to honest was probably as dull as ditch water.

The Protest was a little more interesting, however, whilst the Met Police have learnt what a press card is, and demand them produced at every opportuntity, they don’t seem to understand that we are there to record and not to participate in the news, so they really don’t need to police us in the same way as the protesters. We don’t throw things, because usually the things that we carry cost to much to throw (I might feel diferently if I used Nikon).

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