Photographing Police to become Illegal…

big-tomThis government is fucking un-believable. Not content with the overzealous use of section 44 of the Anti-Terrorism act 2000 the police are to receive even greater powers, including one that to all intents and purposes makes the photographing of police officers a criminal offence.
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The trouble is the arseholes that are police officers will use this as a means to preventing them being photographed when they batter protestors un-necessarily. It means less accountability than they have now.

You would also have though that the biggest users of images that have police officers in them would have been mounting a campaign to prevent this becoming law. Once again it means that the newspapers will expect us to get the pictures and expect us to bare the consequences. On this matter the media has been very quiet.


One thought on “Photographing Police to become Illegal…

  1. Lets just hope the ACPO are as slow as releasing this information to the bobby on the street as they were/are at releasing the fact we can/could photograph them.

    Somehow, I doubt it.

    It will probably emailed TO ALL on day one…

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