Hard Disks??

big-tomOk time for me to ask you lot for some advice.

I have just upgraded my hard disks in my office machine and want to re-jig some of my external stuff. As a result I now have the following that I would like to reconfigure, so suggestions please.

I have replaced my two internal HD with 500gb versions and have a couple of lacie external HDs (one of which the Power Supply has failed on) which after dismantling have left me with:

Two 160GB SATA hard disks
Two 160GB IDE hard disks
and one 320 IDE hard disk.

Ideally I would like two enclosures that would take firstly, 3x160Gb disks (2xSATA 160GB +1xIDE 160Gb) and the other two IDE disks (1xIDE 320Gb and 1xIDE 160Gb) . It is for use on a Mac G5 (so one touch back up or similar is not required, don’t need RAID or anything else, so simply two enclosures. I also don’t mind if there is some expansion room, what would also be nice is if each could be configured to either be treated as single 480Gb HD or as individual HD.

Any recommendations please. My head is already spinning from searching Ebuyer and others


4 thoughts on “Hard Disks??

  1. Get a Drobo Boss!
    Got one myself and it was worth every penny of it. Works well with the Mac Pro and the optional network thingy means I can access it remotely via the tinternet from my MacBook if required.

  2. I decided in the end to do the following

    Combined one 320gb IDE and one 160Gb IDE hard disk in an existing Lacie Case, giving a 480 external. Two 160Gb IDE as a 320 External in another lacie case, (found a powersupply from a Maplins enclosure that fits) and have a 160Gb SATA in an enclosure for use as a portable hard disk for use with the laptop.

    Thanks for your help though.

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