How precious are footy fans?

Unbelievably Bayern Munich fans are boycotting the new Keanu Reeves’ Movie, “The Day The Earth Stood Still”. Not for any good reason, such as it is shit or that Keanu couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag. No, the reason is because in the film their beloved stadium is destroyed by Aliens.

Fuck Me, it is not as if it is real!, It is fiction you twats. Even the club Officials are involved

Bayern Munich supporters were furious when an advert for The Day The Earth Stood Still was broadcast on the club’s giant TV screens.

It showed the Arena stadium they were sitting in being wiped out by aliens.
The German champions said they knew nothing of the scene until it appeared in the match-day trailer.

“We were not informed and were also not asked for permission,” said the club’s media director Markus Hoerwick

Get a life. I may have to avoid Guildford Cathedral, not because the Rozzers shot someone there last week, but because it was in the Omen. Damned I can’t go to Paris ever again, because National Lampoons European Vacation was in part filmed there (quite possibly the most execrable film ever made). Fuck It! That means that I can never visit Alderaan, as Darth Vader blew it up in 1977.


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