And the news just in…

congestioncharging-300Go on you Mancs! I have never been a fan of Manchester, however the people of Manchester have struck a blow for democracy, in rejecting the congestion charge proposals. OK that means that Manchester will not get the charging system, however, I think that it will mean that any other city that wants to introduce it, will simply do so without a referendum.

Now we all need to take to the streets and protest at all the other stealth taxes that this Government and it’s local equivelent have imposed on us motorists.

According to PA

More than a million people took part in a referendum on plans for Britain’s biggest congestion charging zone, it was announced.

Returning officer Sir Neil McIntosh said 1,033,000 out of 1.9 million voters had returned their ballot papers in the poll, organised by the ten councils in Greater Manchester.

The turnout was 53.2% compared to 54.4% across the region in the last General Election and between 28 and 39% in the last local elections. The high turnout points to a ‘No’ vote as polling experts believe people are more motivated to vote against something they disagree with.

5 thoughts on “And the news just in…

  1. Thank God for that…. I live just out side the proposed zone and every time I had a job snapping in the centre would have cost me!

    It would even have cost me to visit Calumet…. now that would be fu**ing expensive!

    Now then Boss…. what do you mean you have never been a fan of Manc’s!!!!

  2. Actually it was a little harsh, I should have said that I am not a fan of Manchester United Supporters, but then very few of them live in Manchester, it might have also lacked impact!

  3. Every local news channel and council seems to be jumping on this old bandwagon.

    At the moment the prposed C charges in Cambridge will be 3.50 a day


    £21.00 a week – to go to work!!

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