Feck Off!

feckoffThe ASA (Advertising Standards Authority not the Amateur Swimming Association) have displayed an unusual degree of commonsense for a change and not banned an advert that uses the words “feck off” .

This from the same ASA that banned a Marmite advert after 6 (Yes Six) Complaints because :

Adverts featuring a huge blob of Marmite left children “terrified” and suffering nightmares, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has revealed.
The TV adverts show scenes reminiscent of 1950s science fiction film The Blob.

Six viewers complained that their children, aged between two and three, had been terrified by the commercials.

These twats also banned a beer advert because it is alleged to have implied that Alcohol and Success are linked. Which strikes me as slightly wierd as alcohol producers tend to be very successful, So successful that the Government charge huge levies and duty on alcohol

The Young’s Bitter billboard poster of a man with a ram’s head surrounded by scantily clad women, had the strap line “This is a Ram’s World”.

The Advertising Standards Authority said it and a second Young’s poster breached rules introduced on October 1 last year and they should be withdrawn.

Young’s denied implying drinking its beer led to sexual or social success.