Plain Stoopid more like…

BBC News 24 Screen Grab

BBC News 24 Screen Grab

You have got to laugh, especially when the ecomentalists choose silly names for their “action” groups. The silliest of all has to be Plane Stupid. If I was an ecowarrior, I don’t think that I would want to appear on TV with the words Plane Stupid under my name, even if I am.

What really pisses me off is the fact that these retards, who should be out protesting about sensible issues, such as the rising costs of education, the state of the economy and stealth taxation, is that whilst I have to queue for 2 hours in an airport to board a flight, these ecotards can simply walk through a security fence and cause an airport to shut down more effectively than a couple of muslims in a 4×4.

The second thing that pisses me off, is that Ryan Air, who cancelled 57 flights, leaving something like 3000 passengers stranded, is telling them to go home and book another flight. Accepting no responsiblilty to ensure that their paying customers get to their destinations.

I am not sure who the biggest bunch of tossers are, Ryan Air or Plane Stupid

Doesn’t seem that long since I last had a rant about Airport Security See Here

2 thoughts on “Plain Stoopid more like…

  1. I spent the morning at Stansted photographing these retards and not surprisingly the biggest idiots were indeed the jumped up airport security staff.

    They should have being there at 3:00am – then no one would have got through.

  2. Quite so. These berks watch that full of half truths and downright lies film by Al Gore (who, incidentally has a personal carbon footprint to rival a small island), and think they know it all. That global warming schtick is making a small number of people an immense amount of money – and that’s what it’s really about.

    If they wish to live in a pre-industrial society, then be my guest. Just don’t try and force the rest of us to join in.

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