First Celeb Pics

It was funny going back through some of my old negatives from the early 1980s, to come across the first celebrity photographs that I ever did. Sarah Crowe and Anne Bryson were just out of St Catherine’s Drama School, and had started a cabaret act called the “Flamin’ Hamsters”. Sarah and Anne both went to successful careers in show business, but their first big break that I can remember was as the Philadelphia Cheese Girls.

Sarah Crowe subsequently went on to star in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Carry on Columbus, countless comedy roles on Rory Bremner, Jasper Carrot and the like. To be honest the only amusing lines in Carry on Columbus was:

Fatima: You mean, the sharks won’t eat me whole? Marco the Cereal Killer: Oh, no! I’m told they spit that bit out first!

Anne Brysons career seems slightly less high profile, although I did find reference to a TV appearance as the “Flamin Hamsters” in a 1988 episode of Cabaret at Jonglers.

At the time I photographed lots of other “up and coming” actors and actresses, however many of the names escape me, even though some of them did make it. Here is another photograph taken in the early 1980s of an actress either from the Guildford School of Acting or St Catherine’s Drama School. Both schools had very good reputations, I don’t even know if they both still exist.’

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