Solace of Quantum

Is this a cynical attempt to climb the google search ratings? Probably, however, I haven’t used my Quantum Turbo for about a year, relying on good old Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable AA cells in my 580EX flashguns, however the other week I had to do a job that would require a bit more sustained shooting than the AAs would allow. After fishing the Quantum out of the boot of the car, I was gob-smacked to find that it still had three-quarters of a charge in it, and that it ran for the best part of 12 hours without the “fuel gauge” moving. I threw it back in the boot and left it, until today when I recharged it and within an hour it was fully charged.

I keep reading (on and other photography websites) that Quantum cables keep breaking, and yet my cables (and splitter) are at least 10 years old and have never been replaced. The only thing that I used to do was to tape the splitter to the casing of the quantum, however, since I now keep the Quantum in a Lowe Pro pouch I don’t even do that. Fingers crossed that I haven’t jinxed it.

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