TFL Lose the Plot

Ken Livingstone’s Transport For London (TFL) have lost the plot completely. They are completely out of touch with the real world. They have announced that even cars that use LPG are not going to be exempt from the London Congestion Charge. Which means that an LPG converted 4×4 which currently is exempt, because of its low CO2 levels will end up paying the full £25 per day to enter the CC zone. Their reasoning? because even though it is LPG converted it could still run on petrol. Fucking Arseholes!

Who would run on petrol at £1.08 per gallon, when they could run on LPG at £0.53 per gallon. That is like saying I should be banned from driving because I could have 10 pints of lager and get in my car, despite all the evidence to the contrary. They have also very generously added

“That is why the AFD will not be phased out for almost two years, giving owners time to change their vehicle.”

Which is nice for all those people that have spent £2,000 on converting their brand new or nearly new cars, meaning that even greater damage will be done to the atmosphere as the global cost of manufacturing and recycling cars is huge. There are figures to suggest that the Toyota Prius produces more Green House Gases, during it’s whole life (including manufacturing process, being driven for it’s serviceable life and then being recycled) is higher than many supposedly Non-Green Vehicles.’


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