Bloody Old Bill

Someone has got to stand up to some of the arseholes that are employed by the Home Office as police officers. There have been several reports recently of Police Officers overstepping their legal rights, to prevent Bone fide News gatherers going about their jobs, the most recent one being some jumped up PC from West Midlands Police who objected to having his photograph taken. Now I am not a fan of the brummy accent at the best of times, but this uniformed, uninformed twat, would have got short shrift from me.

A News Team Photographer was covering a protest outside the International Conference Centre, when some spotty twat in a coppers outfit demanded that he delete photographs containing images of police officers. Which he had no right to request to start with, he certainly shouldn’t have man-handled the photographer in the process of doing so. He was not detained at this point.

However a short while later, a Police Sergeant, who “should” have known better, but was probably on a fast track promotion system and was only a PC for two days before promotion, then told the photographer to delete his images. This is illegal, no police officer has the right to ask you to delete images, no police officer, going about his duty can expect to have his identity protected especially if they are in uniform, if their I.D is to be concealed it is dealt with by the publication, not by the photographer.

ACPO Guidelines State: The media have a duty to take photographs and film incidents and [police officers] have no legal power or moral responsibility to prevent or restrict what they record.

The downside to the story (the real downside) is that the photographer complied with the jumped up Sergeants request/order, and was later unable to retrieve the images from his CF card. Which just goes to show that some press photographers are less intelligent than the average pig. West Midlands Constabulary have always been a bit of a strange force, and haven’t like the media since one of their senior officers was caught shagging his secretary and using the company chauffeur driven vehicle to give her a lift home after extra-curricular activities at the office.

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