Canon Piss Me Off

Useless twats at Canon have sent me, today, nearly 30 emails to inform me that my CPS (Canon Professional Service) account has expired, despite the fact that it has not. Initially I thought that it was someone spoofing their email account, but further inspection reveals that there is no malicious code attached, no links to questionable websites. NO. Just Canon’s incompetence, not content with fucking up the EOS1 D mkIII, now they seem to want to piss their customers off as well. USELESS FUCKING RETARDS

I am off to the US in a month or so, and was contemplating shifting some of my Canon kit and replacing it when I get to the states, however with the huge leap forward that Nikon have made with the D3 I am now contemplating ditching the lot and replacing it with Nikon, when a supplier pisses you off also, it hardly engenders a feeling of loyalty. Arseholes!!


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