Two Faced BBC Again

The BBC are at it again, they have shown video footage of the Jurors going to the Alma tunnel where Diana and Dodi were killed in a tragic accident. Their film crews were following the coach that the jurors were travelling in, which was also being followed by a number of photographers.

The twat that is the BBC Royalty Reporter, Nicholas Witchell, claimed that it was an insight into how the Princess of Wales would have felt being pursued, he took a holier than though attitude to the Photographers, despite the fact that HE and the BBC Film Crews were doing exactly the same thing So according to the double standards applied by both Sky and BBC, it is OK for them to do it, just as they said the same thing about Kate Middleton a little-while back, but if we (press photographers) do it, we are the worst scum in the universe.

The only thing that did surprise me, is that the arsehole didn’t describe it as a high speed pursuit across Paris. As press photographers we don’t, and never have chased anyone, we occasionally follow, we also will generally stop a follow if the driver is driving in a dangerous manner. On the night of the Diana crash, the photographers had not been right on the tail of the Mercedes driven by the piss-head, if they had been, as the BBC and Sky had reported, they would have been involved in the accident.

The Mercedes hit a solid concrete post and bounced back into the carriage-way, if the motorcycles had been the “couple of seconds” from the car at the time of the accident, there would have been no way that they could have braked in time to avoid the wreckage of the car. Whilst I don’t doubt that a couple of photographers may have taken pictures of the wreckage, rather than assisting the victims, that is the extent of their involvement say now, as I have said before, there is no conspiracy, Fayed is a twat if he believes otherwise, the reason that he has demanded so many enquiries is to try and find someone else to blame, when the blame really lies at his own door. It was his employee that was pissed, it was in his car that they died.


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