Too Little Sleep Harmful?

burgy_dozyeng001_676 According to a recent report a lack of sleep can be deadly, probably not in the way that you’d expect. Press Snappers regularly working long hours and travelling long distances you’d expect the risk to come from dozing off at the wheel.
But according to Francesco Cappuccio (which I thought was a caffeine rich drink), professor of cardiovascular medicine at the University of Warwick’s medical school, told the annual conference of the British Sleep Society in Cambridge. “People who do not get enough sleep are more than twice as likely to die of heart disease, according to a study released on Monday. Although the reasons are unclear, researchers said lack of sleep appeared to be linked to increased blood pressure, which is known to raise the risk of heart attacks and stroke.”

“A third of the population of the UK and over 40 percent in the U.S. regularly sleep less than five hours a night, so it is not a trivial problem,” he said in a telephone interview. “The current pressures in society to cut out sleep, in order to squeeze in more, may not be a good idea — particularly if you go below five hours.” ‘

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