What a Shame

…..that this doesn’t happen more often! How long will it be before the shop owner is hauled into court for failing to secure the generator room sufficiently to prevent some low-life scum from breaking in and killing himself.

Reminds me of a story a while back when a person who was fed up with his car being stolen wired the door handles up to the mains. Friggin’ “tea-leaves” deserve all they get and a lot that they don’t.

A suspected burglar was electrocuted while on the roof of an empty shop. Mark Ashley Horn, 22, was discovered in London Road, Waterlooville, Hampshire, in the early hours. Ambulance crews and police were called to the shop and Mr Horn was taken to the Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, where he died.

A second man, also aged 22 and from Waterlooville, was arrested on suspicion of theft and is being questioned by police. It is believed the pair had broken into a generator room on the roof of the building, where Mr Horn received a fatal electric shock.

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