Bluetongue Outbreak

footmouth_pfs021I don’t know a great deal about bluetongue, however, if I thought about it I would imagine that it would be like Bluetooth but slightly wetter. The one thing that I do know about bluetongue is that it is spread by insects, and requires a blood to blood route to infection. Yet Suffolk Police have had several plod standing around in front of a police cordon sealing off the farm. Now I know that a lot of people take very little notice of what the old bill have to say, I do find it highly unlikely that the midges that spread this disease are likely to arrive at the police cordon and say, “hang on chaps, we can’t cross this police tape, we’d better find another way”. What a waste of Police time and the public’s money. If there was a foot and mouth outbreak, I can understand the requirement for a secure perimeter.’

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