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So Saatchi & Saatchi have won the Labour Party’s advertising account. I guess the inspiration must of come from the hit single recorded by Freddy Mercury and Queen. It is just maybe the way my mind works, but a better alternative inspiration would have been a song by the Punk “one-hit-wonder” Jilted John; Gordon is a Moron.

At Togsblog Towers our graphic designers and illustrators have been plugging away at the advertising material for Gordon Brown’s Nu Labour, and we shall be submitting our advertising campaign material next time that Gormless Broooon goes to the Country.
We will certainly be more competitively priced than Itchi and Scraatchi, in fact if we limit the briefings to as many notes as can be written on the back of a fag packet, and art materials to the wrappers our deep fried Mars Bars came in, I should say under £700,000.

What do you mean expensive? Do you know how much cigarettes cost these days?

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