Journalists Get It Wrong Again!!

I have not an awful lot of respect for a number of journalists as it is, with their habit of making up quotes, attributed to “friends” or “sources close to”, but I did think that the broadsheets would be a little better than the red tops, and at least do some rudimentary checking of facts. But No, the Telegraph proves that it is equally as bad as many of the other newspapers.

The Telegraph ran a story (that has also appeared in many other newspapers today) about meerkats

While perhaps not up to standards of David Bailey, the images are a remarkable achievement for the desert-dwelling creatures, who are arguable most famous for their proclivity for infanticide. Ian Turner, deputy head warden at the park, and the man whose left his camera in the enclosure while taking images for a new brochure, said he was amazed to discover the images on the digital memory card.

Seems OK at first glance, until you realise that the camera that the meerkats are looking at is a Canon EOS600, which is not a digital camera But hey, never let the truth get in the way of a good story! 🙂


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