Twice in a week

Another news story in one week, bloody hell. This time it was the shooting and murder of a young black kid in Brixton, South East London. In a little cul-de-sac whilst walking home a 18 year old called Nathan Foster was murdered a little after 10 pm on Friday night, according to witnesses there were three gunshots fired, by a youth on a motorcycle

According to his friends, the 18-year-old worked for the X-it project in Brixton and was a member of the Ebony Horse Club, which organises riding lessons for inner-city teens
He died on Friday night after reportedly trying to stop a row over a piece of jewellery when a teenager on a moped fired on a group of youths close to Brixton Tube station
Officers from Operation Trident, which deals with gun crime in the black community, are investigating.

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