Shane Ritchie’s Wedding

It’s not always nice to go to a celebrity wedding, however, when it is attended by professional old hands such as many of the cast of East-Enders it makes life a lot easier. Despite Shane Ritchie doing a buy up deal with a magazine, myself and two snappers from the News of the World, were surprised to find ourselves the only photographers present. I managed, just to get a smudge of him arriving at church, a big pull up, on a 70-200
Usually such events are widely known about in the media, especially since the date had been published in the Sun a short while ago. So we had the job to ourselves, except for the security staff, a couple of whom behaved like the sort of twats that get the industry a bad name.

However, despite their actions we all got enough pictures to run a spoiler, I had several of Shane (who played Alfie Moon in the soap) as he couldn’t resist popping out for a cigarette (not surprising as his wife to be kept everyone wait for nearly an hour). All the guests streamed into the church, every single one of them, happy to stop for a picture, and some deliberately playing up for the camera.

Guests included Barbara Windsor with her toy-boy partner, Bobby Davro, Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell) Micheal Higgs (Andy Hunter) Perry Fenwick (Billy Mitchell) Ricky Groves (Gary Hobbs) Emma Barton (Honey Mitchell) Rudolph Walker (Patrick Trueman), plus rather bizarrely Richard Keys.

The weather stayed pretty good until we had finished at the Church, a nice old flint church in the middle of Beaconsfield, by the time I had finished wiring the arrivals and departures pictures, it was pissing down, so much so that the GV of the Shane Ritchie’s house and the huge marquee was almost impossible to do on a 70-200

So even whilst hiding out in the church, he couldn’t resist a cigarette, despite the actions of a security guard he wasn’t quick enough, even though it is not a great smudge of Shane, it’ll do
Anyway nearly 300 photographs, that’s more than I shoot for the Sunday Mirror in a year

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