Twats like this give us a bad name!

Idiots like Jay Kaycappa, if that is his real name, give our industry a bad name, having been alleged to have assaulted Heather Mills McCartney and a friend, he has been taken to court, where his whole sordid past has come to light, his criminal record is truly as long as his arms.

It was revealed on Tuesday that Kaycappa has 131 previous convictions for offences dating back 17 years including 62 convictions for fraud, as well as others including theft, burglary, destruction of a will, perverting the course of justice, obtaining property by deception, driving offences and misuse of a computer to disseminate a bomb threat. The court also heard that in the past Kaycappa has been known by ten aliases and has used six different dates of birth.

For the full story please see the EPUK website Assuming this guy has a press card it should be removed from him, and any national newspaper should now refuse to give him shifts. Even if he is cleared of the assault (even if it never happened) he has on numerous occasions, according to professional colleagues, gone over the limit of what is commonly seen as acceptable.

He is probably not the only one that brings the whole industry in to disrepute, because I have seen and worked others that do not know how to behave professionally, a little while back the paper that I work for asked for an “on the day” picture of Sade Frost, because she had split with Jude Law and they wanted an up to date picture, I did mine, on a 70-200 giving her the benefit of some room, a twat from Big went up with a 14mm, right in her face and no matter which way she turned he jumped in front of her, until she was reduced to tears and ran back in to her house. This I believe is wrong to two main counts, one, it was intimidating and two we are there to record an image, not to influence it. Now some of you may say that what I was doing was intrusive, however “he who pays the piper, calls the tune” I have to do the job that the paper wants, whether I agree with the morals, however, I can still choose the way to do the job that causes the least amount of stress and emotion for the target. I unlike SOME of the Paps, I don’t think that ethics is a county east of London. ‘

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