Non Photography Day

pepperazzi2 Hmmmm, having seen a certain amount of publicity regarding July 17, being “non-photography” day I decided that this was worth a bit of investigation, because I have for years worked for the Sunday Mirror and spent many days on jobs not taking photographs, so for me most days are non-photography days.

Except obviously for the ones that are photography days. SO it would appear that the instigator of this “event” is one Becca Bland, a photography stoodent from Brighton, (a place well known for it’s tolerance of many things, including drugs), who says that the inspiration for this Non-photography celebration of photography day came to her whilst in Thailand, (another place that is tolerant of many things including he-she’s, drugs, any kind of common thread here? has she been to Amsterdam yet?)

So this bint, it has to be a blonde surely, seeing as she claims to be a photographer, yet wishes to promote a non-photography day. Hang on! By Jove I think I’ve got it! I know why she wants a “non-photography” day, because she is fed up with other photographers taking photographs that make it into the National Newspapers and Magazines, and figures that if all the snappers leave their kit at home she will clean up. Unfortunately I think that Bland (bland by name and by nature it would appear) will struggle to become a photographer in twenty years she will still trying to promote the “Non-Photography” day whilst flipping burgers, because as you all know; those who can, Do, those who can’t teach, those who can’t teach get a MacJob.

*Photographing something interesting or beautiful has become a natural reflex. Non-Photography Day is a calendar sculpture, a day formed for action and awareness. Taking part in Non-Photography Day is simple, on the 17th July leave your camera or recording equipment at home and abandon your photo shoots. Whatever your activities that day, appreciate the life and dimesion of the moment you are in rather than documenting the appearance of it.

Bloody hell, anyone that can spout that much bollox and spell and punctuate worse than me can’t be a photographer; she has got to be a blunt or a citizen journalist. SO anyway love, I think I will take my camera equipment to work with me on the 17th, now why don’t you be a good girl and pop the kettle on and make us some tea don’t forget to get the ironing done have to admit I did enjoy the EPUK response click here

Actually I have reconsidered, I may have been a little harsh on the bint, so I shall be backing the “Non-photography” day as a method of promoting photography, with the same enthusiasm as I have been “Fighting for Peace” and “Fucking for Virginity”. You go Girl!!


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