Doddery Old Judges At It Again

>Once again a doddery old judge is completely out of synch with the real word. Judge Julian Hall, sitting at Oxford Crown Court sentenced Keith Fenn, 24, a Window Cleaner, to a two-year term after attacking the girl in a park in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. When the time he served in prison awaiting trial is taken into account, he could be out in as little as four months. Here is a link to the Oxford Mail who broke the story.
His reasoning for giving such a laughable sentence was: “it was an “exceptional” case because of the girl’s perceived maturity.” and “It is quite clear she is a very disturbed child and a very needy child and she is a sexually precocious child. She liked to dress provocatively” and to top it off “Did she look like she was 10? Certainly not. She looked 16, that was a matter that was accepted.” † This delusional twat shouldn’t be sitting presiding over matters of criminal law, he should be sitting in a bath chair with a nice cup of tea and a digestive, trying to remember the names of his family members. Fortunately Lord Goldsmith has been set the task of reviewing the sentencing. Lord Goldsmith became involved after Mike Penning, Tory MP for Hemel Hempstead, wrote complaining that the sentence was “pathetically lenient” Penning also said “I hope that the Attorney General agrees with the vast majority of the country that if you want to deter paedophiles you have to give sentences which are a deterrent.” It only seems like yesterday I last had a blast at judges, but as it happens it was a little while ago Here It is not the first time that Judge Julian Hall has been in hot water, he hit the headlines in February when he gave a 71-year-old Paedophile a nine-month suspended sentence and ordered him to pay £250 compensation, telling him: “If it buys her a new bicycle, that’s the sort of thing that might cheer her up.”’,


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