William and Kate

OK so big deal, HRH William and Kate Middleton have split up! But for cryin’ out loud, Sky News this morning have relentlessly, and I mean relentlessly been harping on about it. The main angle they have been playing is “the increased speculation” behind why they may have split. This is absolute garbage, the only ones that are speculating about it are the media themselves, I am not speculating, my wife is not speculating, none of my friends are speculating.

The nice thing is that all of the royal commentators that are coming out of the woodwork are the same ones that only a few weeks back were promising a royal wedding. Yet without a hint of embarrassment, they brazenly speculate as to why they have now split up. Now call me Mr Cynical, but this seems to be self-serving, self-promoting, navel gazing at it’s worst.

Sky, who have been one of the worst in hounding Kate have, in an article after Tony Bliar said that the media should leave her alone, started to imply that it is just the printed media that have been harassing Kate and William, and by implication that they were not responsible They also add fuel to the fire by implying that Kate Middleton will now have a bad relationship with the Press. Why the hell should she get a hard time from the press? Typical of Sky News, shit stirring like crazy in order to deflect any criticism from them.


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