It’s always a pleasure

In the week that saw Kate Moss drop out of top 100 sexiest women, papped by me, last week looking as rough as a badger’s arse. The ever-lovely Kylie Minogue was snapped (also by me) yesterday looking as stunning as ever. Even if her jacket did look like it was made from a dustbin liner. There are not many occasions in this job that you would like to meet your subject in a darkened alley. But today…… Anyway, it is always nice to work with another professional, I have to say that I think she looks simply stunning since beating the cancer scare and ditching the French twat, Olivier Martinez (A cheese eating, surrender monkey actor, whose claim to fame was playing a dodgy accented master criminal in S.W.A.T) who used to threaten to murder any photographer that came within “knifing distance

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