EOS 1D mkII Custom Functions

Seeing as someone recently asked about the custom functions and what ones I use on the EOS1D MkII N bodies, and when told questioned why, I thought it might make for an interesting entry for the blog.

This may seem a little dry as it will be a list of CF and options

CFn1 Finder Display during exposure
0 No Viewfinder Display
1 Finder Display On

I use CFn1-1: I find it less distracting to have the finder display constantly on

CFn2 Shutter release without card
0 Possible without card
1 Not Possible

I use CFn2-1: I can think of nothing worse than shooting away and finding that the CF card is in the Laptop CF reader.

CFn4 Shutter Button/AE Lock button
0 AF/AE lock
1 AE Lock/AF
2 AF/AF lock, No AE Lock
3 AE/AF, no AE Lock

I use CFn4-3, this Custom Function assigns the function of the Shutter Release button and the * Button on the back of the camera. With CF4-3 the Auto fuction function starts on depressing the * key and will stop when you take your finger off. The Shutter release contols only Exposure and the Shutter itself. The reason for working this way is that it is similar to using a manual focus SLR, Your focus and exposure are controlled separately, this makes doing portraits etc. a lot easier, in AI Servo mode. So to recap press * to start AF, lift off * to lock focus, then hit the shutter release for the picture. CFn4-1 Will enable the same procedure, but will lock the exposure on the first pressure of the shutter release. Displaying a * in the viewfinder to confirm exposure lock

CFn5 Manual TV/AV Set for Manual Exposure
0 TV=Top dial AV=Main Dial
1 TV= Main Dail AV=Top Dial
2 TV= Top Dial AV=Main Dial w/o lens
3 TV =Main Dial AV=Top Dial w/o lens

I use CFn5-2 which is the same as default but enables the setting of the aperture without a lens on board, whereas usually it would simply show 00

CFn6 Exposure Level Increments
0 1/3-stop set 1/3 stop compensation
1 1-stop set 1/3 stop compensation
2 1/2 stop set 1/2 stop compensation

AEB with ISO is not enabled with CFn6-2

I use the default setting, I have never really found a reason to change.

CFn7 USM electronic MF
0 Turns on after One-Shot AF
1 Turns off after One-Shot AF
2 Disable in AF Mode

CFn8 Top LCD Panel/Back LCD Panel
0 Remaining shots/File Number
1 ISO/ Remaining shots
2 ISO/ File Number
3 Shots in Folder/Remaining Shots

I use CFn8-1 ISO on the top panel, which is the easiest place to check, Remaining shots available on CF card on the back panel.

CFn9 Auto Bracketing Sequence /Cancel
0: 0, -,+ /Auto Cancellation
1: 0, -,+ /No Cancellation
2: -, 0, + /Auto Cancellation
3: -, 0, +/ No Cancellation

I use CFn9-2 So that the exposure sequence is First Frame is under, second at metered reading and third is the over exposed, with automatic cancellation of AEB after sequence is complete.

CFn10 AF point Illumination
0 On
1 Off
2 On without dimming
3 Brighter

I use CFn10-3

CFn11 AF Point selection method

0 Left/right =Focus spot+control dial up/down = Focus spot +main dial
1 Left/Right =exp comp+control dial Up/Down= Exp Comp +main dial
2 Left/right = Main dial only Up/down= Focus return+ Control dial
4 Left/righ = FEL+control dial UP/Down =FEL+Main Dial

Use the default setting CF11-0

CFn12 Mirror Lock Up
0 Disable
1 Enable

Used as and when required

CFn13 Number of AF points/Spot Metering
0: 45/Centre AF point
1: 11/ Active AF point
2 11/Centre AF Point
3 9/Active AF Point
4 9/Centre AF Point

I use CFn13-3

0: Evaluative
1: Average

CFn15 Shutter Curtain Synchronsiation
0 1st Curtain Synch
1 2nd Curtain Synch

I use CFn15-1, most of the time it doesn’t make any difference however, if shooting Rally Cars at night and you want the light trails behind the car, you need second curtain synch.

CFn16 Safety Shift in Av or TV
0 Disable
1 Enable

I use CFn16-0

CFn17 AF activation area
0 Single AF point
1 Expand (TTL of 7 AF Points)
2 Automatic Expand (Max 13)

I use CFn17-1

CFn18 Switch to registered AF point
0; Reg AF button+ AF Point Select button
1: Registered AF point button
2 : Only whilst pressing Registered AF Button.

CFn19 Lens AF stop Button Function
0: AF Stop
1: Af Start
2 : AE lock whilst metering
3: AF Point: M Auto/Auto CR
4: AF Mode, change from One shot ot AF
5: IS Start

CFn20 AI Servo tracking Sensitivity
0: Standard
1: Slow
2:Moderately Slow
3: Moderately Fast
4: Fast

I use CFn20-4

Hope that helps.

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