I Love it when Sky Cocks Up!!

I really enjoy it when Sky News cock up. They claim to be the best News Channel, to be honest they don’t have much competition, News 24 and that is about it. Anyway I saw this when the Contaminated Petrol Story broke, but forgot to post it.

Anyway, I must confess I don’t put petrol in my Porche, just a couple of pairs of wellies and an umbrella or two.

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There aren’t many things I hate….

Life is to short for hatred, and to be honest, most things are simply not worth the stress and effort required to be truly hated……. except Traffic Wardens, not just any Traffic Warden, but the Traffic Wardens specifically employed by the London Borough of Camden.

Firstly most of the ignorant f*ckers can’t or won’t speak English, certainly not any form of English as I understand it. Secondly, there is no application of common sense; all they want to do is issue tickets.

I parked up in Museum Street today, and had only a couple of quid in change, so I put it in a pay and display machine and displayed the ticket. I went for a Coffee and a browse in Aperture Photographic, and got some more pound coins. I get back to the car and within seconds a Twat arrives and says that he is going to issue a parking ticket because the original ticket had expired, although there is a two hour limit and I had parked for 20 minutes. I had subsequently paid for another 1 1/2 hours parking. Yet this f*cking warden wouldn’t listen to reason. He claimed that it was feeding the meter. So if I had parked up and walked off to get change and then come back, what would have happened? He’d have given me a ticket.
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