That’s a keeper

There are occasions when at a press conference, or standing on a doorstep with several other togs, you will hear someone’s camera go off accidentally and the shout will usually go up, either “that’s a keeper” or “another one for the portfolio”.

There was a snapper I worked with a while back who in the walk from the car to a job exposed a whole roll of film, 36 frames of the pavement, with digital these days it is a lot easier, you simply delete and start again.

The attached is an intentional partial self portrait, designed to convey the dynamic nature of a Press Photographer in action travelling from one fast breaking news event to the next complete with the Nike Whoosh in the highlights on the grass. I personally think it achieves the aims that I had for the picture, but I can also see how some of you may think that it is a “keeper”.

The all important technical details EOS1D with a 400mm over the shoulder on a monopod.

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