EOS 1 D MkIII and other new toys

Canon have formally announced the launch of the EOS1D mkIII, a 10 megapixel 10 Frames per second monster along with a new 16-35mm F2.8L and 580EX mkII, a quick scan of the specs looks impressive, how long will it be before I want one, who knows, probably right about……now.

In all honesty, do I need it? No probably not, will it make a world of diference to me, again probably not, in real terms I am probably more likely to need a new Intel-Mac laptop before upgrading the cameras once again. I may however add one to the kit-bag when the initial rush is over, it depends on how busy this year is, it has been shit so far. BUt if I do add one (or two, I will also have to upgrade to the latest WiFi transmitter, and then I may as well upgrade to the latest flashguns, and to take advantage of the E-TTL II I should probably replace the 16-35mm F2.8. Ohh go on Canon, tempt me why don’t you?

Link Here

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