Video Ipod Update

I am still impressed with the Video Ipod that I got myself for Christmas, I have ripped so many movies to it that I should be running out of space. The iPod that I purchased has an 80 Gig Hard Disk, which isn’t actually 80 Gig at all. According to Apple’s usual way of measuring Gigabytes and Megabytes it is actually only 74.4Gb; this is because Apple (like many CF card manufacturers) consider 1 megabyte to be 1000kb rather than 1024kb.

I have ripped something like 59 movies (OK there is 1 series of 24 and 2 series of Battlestar Galactica, as individual episodes). However I have a question over just how much disk space the 80gb Video iPod actually has, as the iTunes software is reporting that I have 24.91Gb of Audio, 45.96.2Gb Video and still have 30.12Gb of free space which means that it is reporting over 100Gb of disk space.

Anyone any thoughts, as it is confusing me!!

Original thoughts (not that I have many original thoughts) on the Video iPod are here.


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