I think that Passerpartout was probably too organised for this government, however there is definately some Foggy thinking going on at Westminster and Petite France! (Jules Verne would be cringing at that!!)

The Blair’s Government are back at it again, faffing about with legislation, I really am of the opinion that politicians shouldn’t be allowed to make up laws for anywhere. Some six or seven years ago the labour government changed the legislation relating to passports.

In a bid to make the application for passports easier and more affordable, they increased the number/types of people that could countersign the passport photographs. The criteria used to be a professional individual such as a doctor, solicitor, and police officer or similar that has known you for at least two years. The problem is that two out of those three would want to charge a fee for certifying that the image was a true likeness, and if you were a law-abiding person then you probably wouldn’t know a police officer (there were a few others as well).

Anyhow the UK Passport Service (as was) then increased the number of individuals that were authorised to countersign the photographs to include a greater range of individuals, including but not limited to Company Directors, University Graduates, Press Photographers, Civil Servants etc., although having checked the Identity and Passport Service website, it doesn’t specify any specific individuals, so any thieving cheating scumbag is apparently allowed to testify that the image supplied is a true likeness and that everything, you put on your application for is true.

Anyway the reason for this bitchiness at the Government and the Identity and Passport Service (how much did the re-branding cost us taxpayers) have now revealed that all new passport applications will require a sit interview with the applicant and from 2009 even renewals will require a similar chat.

With currently some 6,000,000 passports (that’s the IPS figures) being issued (or renewed) each year if that means that everyone is to be interviewed for 20 minutes (plus allowing time for overruns and delays, that will require 1,785 members of staff, interviewing one applicant every 30 minutes, for every working day of the year, without toilet breaks, or allowing for additional staff in the event of illness. In real terms it more than likely going to require twice or three times that many, as the work generated by the interview is likely to require them to document, record and evaluate the information and then supply it to some other civil servant to do something with. That is a minimum of £110,000,000 in salaries alone per year, plus any costs of additional office space, plus additional staff required for security, secretarial support. Not only that if these government officials treat people with the same contempt that most government employees do, then Police will need to be stationed outside the building 24/7.

Just to prove that Politicians should be allowed to make up rules was revealed in Brussells and Strasbourg this week, when Government buildings reverted back to having smoking areas because the rules on NO Smoking were being ignored. What hope is there for us, if even the bloody politicians don’t want to follow their own rules. Imbéciles foutus le sort d’eux


6 thoughts on “Passerpartout

  1. I feel really secure with this proposed interview. It’s a nice feeling that home grown terrorists might struggle to get a passport.

    No doubt a vastly over specified IT contract will be awarded to the usual suspects.

  2. Mate of mine (a retired detective) has just got himself a job doing the interviews. I’m happy that in the short time he is likely to last before being asked to leave no-one with even a whiff of dodginess will have the slightest chance of getting cleared by him, and hopefully some of them might even benefit from some of his, er, interview techniques.

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