Letter Bombs

Whilst I condemn the action of the individual or group that are sending letter bombs to various motoring enforcement organisation, I can sympathise, as there are times when I wish I could do the same, however my targets would be slightly different, firstly would be Ken “retard” Livingston, who now has announced plans to extend congestion charging to Greenwich, Douglas Alexander MP Secretary of State for Transport, Stephen Ladyman or She/he whatever is name is the former Secretary of State for Transport, Tony Blair just because, along with Two Shags, Gordon (Dick Turpin) Brown and any other MP or elected official that has interfered with the transport system.

I am sure that most readers will agree that the letter bomb campaign is unacceptable and my heart felt sympathies go to those who have suffered (albeit not very much).

As Captain Gatso of Motorists Against Detection has said, this campaign would be better organised against inanimate objects such as Gatso Cameras, SPECS cameras and John Reid, who in his typical jock (or Joke) manner when addressing the TV crews actually tried to address the editors of newspapers and TV channels rather than the public, when he said “Avoid pointless speculation, let the police get on with their jobs”

You twat, why tell the papers not to speculate, that is what they do in the light of not being given hard facts, why do you think they will take any notice of you, you brain dead retard. What you should have been saying was don’t panic, there is nothing to fear for the great majority, however if you work for the DVLA, Capita or any other similar organisation then stay at home, don’t issue any speeding tickets an everything will be fine.

And whilst I am having a bitch, Kay Burley of Sky News you are truly as thick as they come, when an “expert” tells you that the police will be looking for forensic evidence such as fragments of the bomb that may have fingerprint or dna evidence, you don’t need to ask what sort of forensic evidence they will be looking for. Instead of thinking about whether you look good on TV, how about this revolutionary idea, listen to the answers given to the previous question before asking the next. Also when covering the Blue on Blue attack yesterday, the question “the pilots said they would be going to jail, shouldn’t they be in jail?” is not a great question, but when you have asked 2 dozen people the same question in two hours it becomes a pointless, boring question, Kay Burly shut up!

BBC News 24, there is no Police force called Swansea Police, there is no Police Force called Folkestone Police, there may be police stations however they are in South Wales Police and Kent County Constabulary respectively. TV News Media is truly the home of the least intelligent bottom feeders.

Right, that’s got that of my chest for a bit.

STOP PRESS: ACPO (the Association of Chief Police Officers) have issued a warning to all companies to be vigilant when dealing with mail. So I shall not be opening any emails, bills or other correspondence, even though it is the usual Government backed scaremongering.


2 thoughts on “Letter Bombs

  1. As usual Paul you speak for the vast majority of us lesser mortals, I only wish this blog was displayed on a huge screen in the house of commons as an RSS !!!!

    Keep it up !!

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