Chavy Onanists

I hate Chavs, No really, in case you hadn’t noticed I really hate chavs. I hate their Chavy little lifestyle choices, i.e. Big Macs rather than something healthy. Spending their dole money on Halfords glue-on-bits for their Vauxhall Novas, Burberry baseball caps, loud tarts that scream abuse across the street at their pregnant 12 year old friends, but mostly I hate the fact that for the most part, through my taxes I financially support them and their single parent lifestyles.

Unlike most parts of society the “Chavs” are breeding, whereas the upper working class section of society consist of women putting having families on hold until their careers are established, the Upper Class are so inbred that they can’t breed anymore, and if they do they have to be locked away in attics in the country pile. All the while Chavs a having families and expecting society to be responsible for their illegitimate, ill-bred, ill-mannered off spring.

There are several very public examples of chavs that are an argument for selective termination at birth, most of them strangely enough are footballers, the fact that they have money doesn’t buy them taste (at least not good taste) the remainder are pop stars, that go to prove that you can take the girl out of Essex, but she still prefers to shag in a Ford Escort Convertible or Vauxhall Nova with Blinging Alloys and 1/2 hundredweight of plastic tat stuck to it.

The reason for this rant is that in a letter written to the Sun newspaper yesterday, some chavy mother wrote in to complain that her chavy wanker of a son was nicked for driving around with his fog lights on when there was no fog, as a result he was disillusioned and now had no respect for the Police. If you ask me he got disillusioned with the Old Bill when he was first nicked for twocking a car when he was twelve, he lost his respect for the police probably when he was a six and his father was nicked for shoplifting (probably not the biological father but who ever his mum was shagging at the time).

A message to the mother and son, I am glad he got three points on his licence, rather than bitch that the plod should be solving real crimes, accept the fact that your son was in the wrong. I think that if the old bill are driving around with nothing much happening, they should nick every chav that is driving with his fog lights on when there is no fog, after a while, they’d learn, maybe.

Want to see some really chavy motors click Here


4 thoughts on “Chavy Onanists

  1. Ah, the unmistakable chaviness that it the Farnborough ‘Drive-Thru’, home of the friday-night 200 drag races. F**king pillocks! And as for people driving with their fog-lights on because it looks ‘cool’, there’s only one solution, buy a shitty old Land Rover (one with bullbars) and drive head-on into them….let your bright red padded seatbelt save you from that, you tw!ts! And what the f!ck is the point of putting blue LEDs on your windscreen washers…aarrrghhh!

  2. I passed the local McDonalds drive thru last week and saw one of the twats embedded into the roundabout with plod in attendance, and a bunch of chavs looking on – one down – far too many to go

  3. Bloody well said! Could not agree more…have you seen “Children of Men”? Couldn’t we do something similar and turn Bexhill into a camp for chavs?

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