Christmas has come early

So having found the appropriate software to rip DVDs that I already own to an Apple Video iPod, I thought “sod it”, I’ll treat myself for Christmas to the 80gb Video iPod. It was my intention to wait for the full size screen version, which has been discussed in a variety of places, but hell I’ll probably still get one when they come out.

I have spend the last couple of hours ripping some of my DVD collection to .mp4 format, starting with the James Bond Movies, so only another 150 or so DVDs to rip. First up the iPod is really very nice, it has a larger screen than my 4th Generation iPod, it also has a slightly different feel to the click wheel. The most noticeable difference is the fact that the 80Gb Video iPod is significantly slimmer than the 60Gb Photo iPod.

The interface software is greatly improved with a search function, enabling you to search music tracks, music videos or movie titles, as you enter each letter of the search string the list of found items narrows (in much the same way as the search function in OSX works) the downside is that there is no indication of whether it is a music track or a movie that you have found.

The downside to the Video iPod is that it only has a single 2.5mm jack plug, which means that I will have to retain the old photo iPod for use with the iTalk microphone that I use for recording conversations. It does however come with a slip-on case, which the last generation iPods didn’t, to protect the face of the video iPod.

Apple claim a huge battery life, I shall give it a work out during the next few days, I shall also obtain a suitable lead to enable the iPod to be connected to the screen in my car.

Being a sad git, I foresee a large number of occasions when I shall be happily watching movies on the iPod, including when travelling with the great unwashed on the trains, or when I am bored rigid on a job or in the pub when it is quiet. How sad is that!!

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