Handbrake Turns

Whilst contemplating whether to upgrade my Photo iPod I decided to see what videos where available for it and was a little disappointed, however having an extensive collection of DVDs built up over the last 8 years or so, I though I would search out a method of ripping my existing DVDs. If I was p.c. based there would be no end of free applications out there to help my computer crash.

However As I am Mac based it was a little more awkward, however, I did find one that fits the bill perfectly, it was a) free and b) it works. It might not have the most intuitive interface, but it is hardly complicated. It also allows you to resize the screen resolution to suit almost any medium that you may choose to play it on, whether it is an iPod or a Sony PSP.

The movie Domino when Ripped occupies about One Gig of disk space when sized for the Video iPod, so you could carry some 80 movies around with plenty of room to spare on the largest iPod. One of the things I shall investigate is whether the video iPod is capable of playing movies back through a TV screen, although you will obviously not want to reduce the resolution if you are going to be watching on a 40″ plasma widescreen. There are a couple of screen grabs lower down, simply click to see larger versions.

Here is a link to Handbrake

One thought on “Handbrake Turns

  1. Yes, you can play back to a TV from the iPod video. Be careful though cos for some reason Apple has trnasposed the red/yellow cables so if you get it wrong you’ll get no sound!

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