So what about you then?

pepperazzi2 Just a quick blog entry to wish the 10,000 plus regular visitors to this blog a very merry christmas and a prosperous new year, to some of you I hope you get everthing you wish for and to others I hope you get everything you deserve.

The miserable old bastard will be back in the New Year posting yet more innane ramblings and mostly bollox posts. ‘Till then get very, very drunk, I know I shall be.>A quick trawl through the stats for this website show an incredibly diverse geographical range to the hundreds of visitors that navigiate to this blog every day. From the list just from today

Jiangsu, China
Santiago, Chile
Dublin, Ireland
London UK
Rochester, New York,

University Of Exeter
Attiki, Athens, Greece
Sunnyvale, California
Ostfold, Moss, Norway
Oslo, Norway
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Seeing as many of you now know more about me than the ex-wife does, I thought now my be an ideal opportunity for a bit of market research. So using the comment feature of this blog how about a couple of lines about how you arrived at the blog and whether it was useful/informative/interesting.

Many Thanks, move along now, nothing to see here. Except just to prove that I am not a grumpy old git (well not very) here is my Xmas message to you all Click Here


4 thoughts on “So what about you then?

  1. Have been an F8 member for a long time, having originally hooked in via press-photos, and saw the annoucement there…

    Well also have shot motorsport with da boss, and currently indebited to him….


  2. Found the blog as I have visited press photos main site most days for the last 4 years now.Great site I find it a constant reliable source of information and smiles! Thanks Paul and keep up the fantastic work.. Cheers Steve

  3. Found the blog from you sig on the AP forum.

    I’ve always found your blog to be funny and informative. The Elton John post rates as one of the best things i’ve seen on a blog. The recent dust post made me laugh. I guess i’m as guilty as some, but now really don’t actually give a toss about it.

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