Anti 4×4 Brigade Again

First Red Ken, the car-hating twat, Now The London Borough of Richmond, have decided to target the 4×4 driver. Red Ken proposes to push congestion charges for 4x4s to £25 and Richmond want to triple resident parking charges for 4×4 owners. Twats, the lot of them. How much CO2 does a 4×4 produce when parked? Absolutely none, like any other parked car.

4×4 owners aren’t all wealthy, I need my car for work, the largest volume of 4×4 owners drive 1991-95 Mitsubishi Pajeiros which are practically worthless.

If this is introduced there will be a glut of used 4x4s up for sale, driving prices down, treasury coffers will be depleted, as tax revenue from fuel sales and road fund licence are hit.

The market for 4x4s may be killed off, so one of the few profitable U.K. based manufacturers (Ok so they are run by Munich) will be wound up (Land Rover), so how many jobs will go there. Land Rover’s only real market places are the U.K. and North America. Will the U.S. market sustain them, I doubt it.

Richmond are even talking about the humble Ford Focus 1.6 litre as a fuel guzzler, which will cost any owners an extra 50% to park outside their own house.

Meaning that anything other than a invalid style electric car, which has no performance, no range, no creature comforts or sub one litre shopping trolley is the only affordable option.

Whilst there are some wealthy people in Richmond, there are many who have the little wealth they have tied up in equity.

With Red Ken wanting to increase train fares at peak times into London many will just stop travelling.

This country needs what the Labour party promised years ago, a joined up transport plan for the future, not individual dictators implementing local or regional oppressive regimes. But that will never happen, because they are obsessed with the short term.

Yet another council taxing it’s residents out of existence, and supplying nothing in return. Most local councils are planning on or actually already have cut the weekly refuse collection and collecting fortnightly, not too bad in the winter, but food rotting for two weeks during the summer is going smell nice. With identity theft being one of the biggest crimes at the moment, how much easier will it if refuse sits in bins for two weeks. I urge everyone, if you haven’t already, get a shredder and use it religiously.

As a single bloke living on my own, I don’t produce much rubbish, most of the trash I do produce I publish here anyway and I can’t see my local council turning up here to empty the bins (bit of a pity really, it is starting to pong a bit).

My Road Fund Licence is to cost something like £200 next time I renew, I think every one should refuse to pay until the government uses the money to fund road improvements or changes the name of the licence to “Thieving W*ankers Automotive Tax” it might not have the same ring as RFL but it would be accurate and could be shortened to TWAT. Likewise the residents parking permit should be renamed Council Residents Extortion Tax Introduced Needlessly or CRETIN

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