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Published by Real World Books, and written by Bruce Fraser is another recent acquisition, however this one wasn’t recommended to me, and it is a little strange, that when you first look at the cover of the book the first thing that strikes you is the image of 35mm Negatives, which as far as I am concerned I have never managed to get out of my EOS1D bodies.

That aside, after having read the Adobe Photoshop CS for Photographers the other thing that you notice is the weight, or the lack of it, weighing in with around 230 pages it will not last as long, on a desert island without any toilet paper.

The style is straight forward enough, although the layout on the page is not that pleasing on the eye, and the writing style of the author is just a little to conversational for me, (I don’t need to be told “feel free to skip ahead to the next chapter”).

That said however, the content is pretty good, although sometimes it get a little more technical than many of us will need, you don’t really need to understand how or why an imaging chip works, just that it does.

The printing quality is not up to the standard that I would expect of a book aimed at Photographers especially when in some of the examples showing different effects, it is impossible to see and difference.

Still it is a useful book to have lying around, I would not bust open the piggy bank however.

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