Don’t go giving me evils!

Just for a change, I decided that I was going to have myself some fun last night, and an old school girlfriend “K” (she will hate me saying old) and I went to see Little Britain Live at the Apollo Theatre, in Hammersmith. OK I lied, I didn’t decide last night; the tickets were purchased a little while back, but they were for last night.

So seeing as the missus (soon to be Ex) and I hadn’t been out for ages; because by the time I get home from work she was usually three parts pissed, I decided hang the expense and so I decided to have a bit of a blast. Leaving the car at home “K” and I caught the train into town, and the tube from Waterloo, God I had forgotten how much I hate travelling with the great unwashed, nothing specific, just that when ever I travel by train or tube I always feel kind of grubby. Anyway there weren’t enough people on the tube to indulge in any frotting so I had to sit and talk nicely to my partner for the evening.

We made it to a pub on Hammersmith Broadway just in time for a Pint and a White Wine; needless to say I was drinking the pint. Then a quick dash under the subway to the Apollo, where I was confronted by the politest “Big Issue” reseller I have met. A quick “No thank you” to which he replied, “The Apollo is just up there”. Maybe I had a lost look on my face, because I certainly didn’t look like a theatre goer, at least I hadn’t dressed up. Made it just in time to get to our seats, Which “K” seemed overjoyed about making as many people as possible stand up as possible whilst getting to our seats.

I have say that I enjoyed series 1 and 2 of Little Britain, but series 3 didn’t really do it for me, however the show was every bit as funny as anything they have ever done, including a number of times where there were “ad libs” and also some forgetting of lines, which I am sure were a genuine part of the show, seeing as it started and finished bang on time.

I have to say that the set was the simplest that I have ever seen at a show (short of Dave Allen) with a Video Wall making up the backdrop, however it actually worked very well.

Some poor sod was fished out of the audience by David Walliams as Des Kaye (“wicky woo it’s Des Kaye”) actually two poor sods, one large chap and a young guy from Essex, and they were invited to play hide the sausage, the climax of which is the poor young chap was debagged by Walliams and left lying on the floor tackle out, as it were.

A quick interval to chuck down a couple of beers, and back to the fun and games, I have to say that David Walliams in nude is not an edifying sight, even “K” commented on his “Man Breasts”. The show had all the characters that appear to be on retainer, and it was a very amusing evening, I probably shouldn’t have been surprised but I couldn’t believe how many homosexuals there were, I was rather tempted to spend the interval with my back against the wall, however, I couldn’t then have reached the bar.

Show over, jaw aching from laughing, we adjourned to a nearby Indian Restaurant, which I must confess the food was very good, although the service was a little lacking, pricing was pretty good for London as well.

“TAXI!!!” to Waterloo and then the train home, got in around 2.30am, felt like shit the next morning, no hangover, didn’t drink enough for that, but bloody knackered.

I would definitely recommend the show to anyone that is a fan of Little Britain

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