Transmit FTP

Most of my images are now sent to the picture desks via FTP and as a result I have recently upgraded from Transmit 2.5.1 which had a number of issues running under OSX. It originally worked fine but upgrading to OSX.4 caused a couple of glitches that seemed un-resolvable. Even though it was a fully licenced version the ability to edit favorites and add new ftp addresses stopped working.

The upgrade to version 3 though is a revelation, including the ability to create Transmit Droplets that you can save to the desk top of the Mac and then rather than having to fire up transmit, select the destination and connect, simply drag the files you wish to ftp on to the Droplet and (assuming that you have an internet connection) the files will be automatically ftp’d to the destination.

Check back soon for an update.

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