Bloody Anti- 4×4 Brigade

One of the things that really irritates the shit out of me is the anti 4×4 brigade. Most of the whinging twats that complain about 4x4s are either jealous, because they can’t afford to buy or run a 4×4 or they are environmentalists that believe that every 4×4 is a gas guzzling tarmac shreading monster.

Needless to say both of these groups of idiots are ill-informed, or ill-educated or maybe pack animals that like to jump on any passing band-wagon, (as long as it isn’t 4 wheel drive). What you may ask is the reason for Tog’s outburst, after two months of silence? I shall tell you, one of the London Borough Councils today said that 4x4s have caused damage to Albert Bridge in London, because “they are getting thinner” so they are closing one lane, because the 4x4s can fit through the width restriction.

It is bad enough that retards spread unsubstantiated rumours, but what the hell! How ridiculous is that statement? My 4×4 is the same width as it was the day that I purchased it. My 4×4 that I currently own fits through the 6′ 6″ width restrictions that were introduced to prevent heavy vans and HGVs from accessing certain areas. The width restrictions were never introduced to prevent Private Light Goods vehicles.

My current 4×4 is the same size as my previous 4×4, and that was the same as the previous 4×4. The ONLY 4×4 to my knowledge that has never fit between the 6′ 6″ restrictions was the Nissan Patrol, which was always a behemoth.

A word to the idiots in Central and Local Government, 4x4s do not damage the road surface, or wear out the asphalt, most have the same footprint as a standard saloon, most use the same engines as standard saloons, OK they may not have the aerodynamics of a saloon so they burn a little more fuel. However us owner-drivers pay for the fuel, if we burn more, we pay more. Surely if the 4x4s are getting “thinner” it is better for the environment (according to their logic).

My 4×4 is a big petrol-engined permanent 4 wheel drive machine, when I pull away from standstill it drives all four wheels, thereby exerting less wear than a two wheel drive vehicle. My big lazy V8 engine produces very little noxious gases, and with an LPG conversion, every government in the world, will allow it to use congestion charging areas without having to pay.

However without the conversion, it still produces less shit than a Taxi cruising around London, it produces substantially less shit than a Double Decker Bus driving around with 4 passengers on board (the usual state of affairs between the hours of 10am and 3pm).

So if you want to reduce the pollution and damage to the environment, instead of persecuting the owners of Chelsea Tractors, get the buses full of passengers. If the buses aren’t used enough take them off the road.

Last week I followed two buses, on the same route, one behind the other, the first bus had about 4 passengers, the one behind was empty, what is the point in that? What is the average fuel consumption of a London Double decker bus? I guarantee that four 4x4s with one person in each will use less fuel than a single double decker bus.

Also get the buses to actually use the bus lanes, rather than blocking half of the road as well, if you reduce the time it takes for a car to get from one part of London to another, you will reduce the amount of pollution.

If Ken Livingston extends the Congestion Zone in London, and increases the cost for 4x4s to come into London, he won’t keep me out of the zone, I shall have an LPG conversion and take pleasure in sticking up two fingers to the squeeky voiced, car-less retard.

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