Sigma 300-800mm EX

Sigma 300-800mm F/5.6 EX IF APO HSM AF LENS

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This lens has more random letters in its name than a Korean car model.  So from now on it will be know as the Sigma 300-800 seeing as they only make the one, there shouldn’t be too much confusion (damned that’s put me in mind of Highlander “There can be only one!!”, so how come there was a sequel?)

First impressions of the 300-800 when it was delivered this morning, well something along the lines of “No I didn’t order any portable anti-aircraft missile launchers”. The lens arrived in a black padded coffin, basically, with a couple of grab handles.  Weighing in at some 5.5 kilos, it is a little lighter than my Canon EF400mm F2.8 USM Mk II.  The case will take the 300-800 with a camera mounted, I would like to see a little more space or padding on the top lid, to protect the camera whilst mounted on the lens. Other than that the case is pretty much ideal.  The only other additions  I would like to see  with the case would be pouches/pockets to take 1.4x and 2x extenders and a method of attaching a monopod to the exterior of the case.

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