Project Stealth part II

Project Stealth is officially up and running. The van will be collected this week and I will do some before pictures to show what a shed the T4 is as a Van. The First job is to clear the back and run some speaker and RCA cables before the interior gets put in. I shall also install a Pioneer Sat Nav system, with a couple of extra screens, as well as TV tuners (digital and analogue) Ipod adaptor (which means no need for CD multichangers.

I shall install a couple of speakers up front in the cab, but the main system will be in the van space, probably 4 6×9 speakers and a sub in the rear load space. For the descrete jobs I shall also install IR headsets so that the stereo can be muted and I will be able to move around the van whilst still listening to the radio. Not sure yet which handsfree kit I am going to install, I haven’t been massively impressed with the Parrot CK3100 that I have in the Jeep. So I shall investigate something else.

The van will keep the bench seat that is installed behind the drivers seat for a little while. At least until I find a pair of Caravelle seats to replace them. They will be installed on each side of the van, so that it is possible to walk straight from the cab to the back of the van. The van will then be taken to Autostyle in Dawlish, Devon for the first stage of the transformation. The van is having the full interior makeover, including insulaltion and sound proofing to the floor, sides and roof.

Two side windows will be installed (Pukka VAG bonded glass, with the inner and outer skins being bonded to each other.) They will initially be clear glass but I shall use a light mirror tint to prevent people being able to see in, the same shall be done to the rear glass. I shall probably have a light smoke tint applied to the front windows also.

There will be double 12v power sockets installed (each with it’s own cable run, rather than spurring) either side of the rear door, another couple will be on the drivers side panel, beneath the glass. With another couple under the drivers seat, where the first of two leisure batteries will be installed. There will also be one in the passenger side of the cab. I shall also install a couple of extra ones in the Cab itself.

Between the front seats and the two new seats there will be a fold away table, for setting up laptops, etc. I will also have to find a permenant installation for a FireWire hard disk. Behind the seats (right at the rear of the van), will be two racks for storage, running the full width of the van, enough to carry two big Pelican Cases, plus bags of studio lights, rucksacks, Billingham bags, tools, torches, etc. The top shelf will be the base of the occassional bed. In front of which will be a bench seat, which will only be used when parked up.

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