Motor Sports Hints and Tips Part 5

Been a while since I updated these pages, I haven’t done any real motorsports since April 2004, and all of a sudden the season is with us.  Unlike last year the first race event of the season for me is the Bennets sponsored British Super Bike Championship. which was early in the season, i think the second race event in the series.  Rio Kio has had a fantastic start to the season, and the old man John Reynolds has stuggled, racing with a broken leg will do that for you.

Although as I write this I have it confirmed that Rio has had a big “off” at Mallory and was knocked unconcious, and as he was out for 10 minutes, the 8 day rule will apply so he may not make it back for the next race. They are waiting for the result of the scan as I type.

The racing was good at Thruxton, as one of the fastest tracks on the BSB tour, everyone seems to enjoy it.  There was one major spill somewhere on the back straight heading towards Church, where a bike burst into flames, but that was a long way from where I was.

I have said all that I propose to about technique in previous motorsport pages so I shall just post a few photographs that I took on the day. I hope that you ejoy them, any questions please feel free to contact me.

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