Bloody Soap Dodgers

If you took all the students that fell asleep in class and laid them out, end to end…. they’d be an awful lot more comfortable.

I have lost count of how many bloody students email me, expecting me to do their coursework for them. Over the last couple of years I must have had 60 or 70. There are several questions that this raises: –

Firstly, have they not read my ramblings at and here? If they had they would/should realise that if I write this badly for my own websites, I am not going to put any extra effort in writing their bloody coursework for them. Mind you in comparison to some of the emails, I may appear to be literary genius.

Secondly, am I on some secondary or tertiary education mailing list or considered mandatory reading? If so, then why? When I studied photography at college we used to go to the library and research material there, I would never have dreamt of randomly approaching photographers and asking them reams of questions as part of my homework.

Now the Internet makes researching the answers to questions an awful lot easier, it is possibly slightly more fraught with getting totally misleading or incorrect information. Actually does it bollox, just because it was in a printed book, didn’t make it less likely to be wrong, you still had to check as most authors have an angle or a view that they wish to put across.

So how lazy are students these days, half of the emails are almost un-intelligible, written in text speak, what is the point of using text speak in an email? I can understand it on a mobile phone, where you are limited to the number of characters in the message, but emails, where bandwidth is not a problem. Even on a dial up connection over a mobile phone at 28K there is no need, at all to use text speak.

I was also staggered recently to receive an abusive email from someone, because I referred to Cheryl Tweedy as a Slapper and he/she/it also threatened to have my bollox off. What is it with some people that they feel the need to vent their spleen over something posted on the Internet, now if it had been Cheryl Tweedy writing it I could understand…

So just to repeat for the hard of understanding, I do not need or want your emails requesting information relating to YOUR Photography qualification. It is YOUR future, it is YOUR Degree, HND whatever, so YOU do it.

4 thoughts on “Bloody Soap Dodgers

  1. Quite agree, too many students today expect to spend 3 or 4 years having fun and get handed a degree at the end. I only have to look at the ‘management trainees’ who arrive fresh from their degree courses and don’t have a clue about the job.

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